Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Life is a Boot Camp

In November, I posted about my plan to start a boot camp challenge. When I jacked up my leg, and I couldn’t continue with the challenge, I was so disappointed that my plan was thwarted.

When I was cleared by my orthopedist to return in January to the last three weeks of boot camp, I immediately developed strep throat, then some upper respiratory thing, and my husband was traveling, snow days kept us home bound, and I never got back to complete the six week program.

Then yesterday morning, after the umpteenth snow storm, and I was finishing shoveling the driveway of about 15 or so inches of snow (I gave up on the snow blower because the snow was simply too heavy and wet to throw), and I looked up after I worked my way down to the bottom, and saw THIS:

and then these words went through my head:


My life IS a boot camp. My days are full and long. Most begin before dawn and last well after my children are down for the night. In my children’s eyes, I am a stay at home mom. In reality, I am also a wife, a grade coordinator for the PTA, a business owner, an ordained spiritual leader at our church, a custodian, a chauffeur, a maintenance woman, a chef.

I am certain I have forgotten something. My point is, it’s all obstacle courses, strength training and agility exercises. Women, in particular, are often are reluctant to accept a compliment or credit where credit is due (the reasons deserve discussion, but that will be for another time), but those who do - those who are good "receivers" - have a tendency to be the most prosperous.
So I am claiming it.


Isn’t yours?!


"Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me." ~ Carl Sandburg

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