Monday, December 30, 2013

Just for You

You've given of yourself to everyone else this season, now it is time indulge in a gift just for you. This gift to yourself can be a powerful tool to bring intention into your life. Set aside a few uninterrupted moments of quiet and reflection to complete this exercise.

Step One:

Reflecting on 2013, consider the following areas of your life: personal life/spiritual development; romance/intimacy; wellness/self-care; finances; career/business; physical environment; social life/fun;

list your wins, successes and breakthroughs;

list your "losses", disappointments and breakdowns. Now set these aside - they are part of your past.

Step Two:

Choose 5-7 lessons you have learned this year that you would like to take with you into 2014. When you decide which lessons to include, remember that these are lessons that you will use consciously in the new year.

Step Three:

Now imagine that it is December of 2014. Make a list of your wins, successes and breakthroughs. Be specific, and write them as though they have already happened. Make the list as long as you like.

Consider combining this exercise with a "vision board" - this can take the form of a story, a collage or a sketch - however you are comfortable expressing yourself. The vision board is for your eyes only - so feel free to create whatever feels right (hint: keep it simple, focused - too much clutter can obscure your vision!).

Which wins, successes or breakthrough resonate for you?

Which ones create a flutter? Excitement?

Which ones can you, in an intentional way, create in the coming year?


“We are the authors of our destinies. No one can see the vision any clearer, believe in and work any harder to make it a reality more than the visionary.” ~ Nike Campbell-Fatoki

Halona Patrick Shaw, LCSW, JD
Board Certified Life Coach
Eyes Turned Skyward, Inc.
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  1. THANK YOU H!!! I am going to pass thing along to my husband and our daughter as well! We were just going over our goals and accomplishments for 2013. This is a wonderful exercise and as soon as we are finished, we will mount our vision boards on the wall and breathe it into existence!!!

  2. This is truly a blessing. ..a gift for self♥Happy New Year!!

  3. This is fantastic Halona! Thank you. I, too will put this in practice.

  4. Oh my! I came looking for what you had posted lately and found exactly what I needed today!!! Much love from afar... Kel

  5. Thanks for this Halona. This is a worthwhile exercise. Honored that you included a quote I was moved to write it in the wee hours of last year. I was speaking to myself. Happy that it speaks to others too. Coincidentally conducted a lessons learned which I shared on my blog. Thanks and keep doing what you're doing!!