Monday, May 11, 2015

Message to the Enemy Monday

Whether by external “haters” or your internal detractor that chatters in your head with a negative narrative on a loop, the enemy keeps itself busy busy busy, using self-limiting thought and instilling fear to discourage you from staying focused, on track and productive, with whatever it is that you desire to accomplish.

To be sure: sometimes that loop includes real past experiences, even what you might consider failures – but the enemy will use your negative past experiences to make you think that those so called “failures” are who you are, not simply among the many negative and positive experiences that have shaped you for today.

Sometimes just acknowledging the enemy's existence – that those thoughts and fears do not belong to you, but are a means that it uses to discourage and paralyze you – is enough to free you from being bound by it.

So, recognize that vexatious creature - acknowledge it, then tell it to shove off. You have important things to do today.


"Don’t let anyone [or any thought] rent space in your head for free." ~ Unknown

Halona Patrick Shaw, LCSW, JD
Board Certified Life Coach
Eyes Turned Skyward, Inc.
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